"Fishing for God" Wall Installation '09, for client Gail Crosby, gailcrosby@aol.com

  1. 5 cement board constructions, joined.
  2. Length: 10 feet.
  3. Width varies from 5" to 14".
  4. All hand-made hi-fire porcelain tiles were thinset on 1/4" cement board.
  5. Grouted with sanded grout.
  6. Each section drilled so the boards could be applied to a wall, with screws for wood beams in walls or expanding anchors for wall board areas.
  7. Seams between boards were all grouted, so the work appears to be a seamless, big fish wave.
  8. The work was customized for the client who wanted the tiles to appear to be on a 'sandy' beach. Certain sayings were printed on the tiles: "We are all children of God," as well as, "Om sai ram." Also, a glass "Ganesh," rocks and a metal shell personalized it for this client.