CHAIR-ity begins in your studio! A recent auction, in San Diego, of work made by artists, from recycled 'street' furniture, for an organization called, "Growing Liberia's Children," brought in over $13,000. This money will create a cafeteria for St. Paul's Presbyterian Church School, in Liberia. Children often come to school having eaten nothing, and this cafeteria will provide, at least, one meal per day for the children of war-torn Liberia

The two bar stools, pictured here, were picked up in the street near Juls Pottery Studio, in Silver Lake, and transformed, using colorful tiles, by Julie Hunter Bagish, in her studio. They auctioned off for over $300. Many thanks to Carlos Arboleda for preparing these rickety stools into safe, sturdy items for daily use, at his Arboleda Co. furniture store, at 2473 Fletcher Blvd., in Silver Lake (213 507 6957).