Japanese American National Museum, Year of the Labbit (Rabbit) show

Hi, Friends,
I hope you can come to see this show that I am in. It is a zany show celebrating the 'Year of the Labbit (Rabbit).

Thursday night is free to the public, so please invite all your friends & family to come see the show, plus a special opportunity to meet some of the artists. The Museum will be open from 6pm–9pm…an extra hour for your perusing pleasure!
Also, Stan Sakai, the artist who drew "Usagi Yojimbo" has a retrospective that also can be seen.
Thank you.
Juls Pottery

New E-Mail Account

Please change our E-Mail account from bagfish@aol.com to bagfish23@gmail.com

Thank you.
Juls Pottery

CHAIR-ity begins in your studio! A recent auction, in San Diego, of work made by artists, from recycled 'street' furniture, for an organization called, "Growing Liberia's Children," brought in over $13,000. This money will create a cafeteria for St. Paul's Presbyterian Church School, in Liberia. Children often come to school having eaten nothing, and this cafeteria will provide, at least, one meal per day for the children of war-torn Liberia

The two bar stools, pictured here, were picked up in the street near Juls Pottery Studio, in Silver Lake, and transformed, using colorful tiles, by Julie Hunter Bagish, in her studio. They auctioned off for over $300. Many thanks to Carlos Arboleda for preparing these rickety stools into safe, sturdy items for daily use, at his Arboleda Co. furniture store, at 2473 Fletcher Blvd., in Silver Lake (213 507 6957).

Tiled Bar Stools

Persimmon Leaf Set

Shino, with engobe on brown clay/glass accents, 9.5"x 12.5", includes custom iron wall holders, $250/each.

AWARD OF MERIT, Pasadena Society of Artists, "Artists Choice Exhibition," January 2010.

NEW WORK: Woman's Samurai Outfit

Woman's Samurai Outfit, Hi-Fire Stoneware, with Accents of Shells, Beads and Glass, 18"x18", in the collection of Author BJ Gallagher, bbjjgallagher@aol.com www.peacockproductions.com

Blue & White Ware

Don't miss this year-long show, 'Japan in Blue & White,' curated by Meher McArthur (3/25/10 - 3/6/11), at the Pacific Asia Museum, in Pasadena. Be sure to visit the Gift Shop, which has contemporary blue & white ware, especially designed, in porcelain, at Juls Pottery Studio. These pieces are dipped in ash, oribe and Chinese Red hand-made glazes, over designs accented with cobalt oxide.

Recently, one of these pieces was gifted, by the museum, to the Consul-General of Japan, in Los Angeles.

Plates, 5" x 5"

Bowls, 5 1/2 x 3"

Celebrating the Flying Fish of Catalina

Designed for Afishinado Gallery, on Catalina Island. Porcelain with Custom Iron Holders, 7 1/2" x 10 3/4".
310 510 2440

"Fishing for God" Wall Installation '09, for client Gail Crosby, gailcrosby@aol.com

  1. 5 cement board constructions, joined.
  2. Length: 10 feet.
  3. Width varies from 5" to 14".
  4. All hand-made hi-fire porcelain tiles were thinset on 1/4" cement board.
  5. Grouted with sanded grout.
  6. Each section drilled so the boards could be applied to a wall, with screws for wood beams in walls or expanding anchors for wall board areas.
  7. Seams between boards were all grouted, so the work appears to be a seamless, big fish wave.
  8. The work was customized for the client who wanted the tiles to appear to be on a 'sandy' beach. Certain sayings were printed on the tiles: "We are all children of God," as well as, "Om sai ram." Also, a glass "Ganesh," rocks and a metal shell personalized it for this client.

Juls Pottery Newsletter - August 2008

Exciting News!
Our grandson, Brad, arrived from Chino City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan, 4 months old, with his mom, Yuuko. They now reside in Silver Lake, with our son, Ken.  Brad will soon be wedging clay with his grandmother and perfecting Japanese with his grandfather. We will save glaze-making for later.  You need some math for that, but, since he is half-Japanese, the math should be easy.

Juls is now showing at the Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, in Ojai, and the gallery space at the American Museum of Ceramic Art, in Pomona.  She has recently prepared four more art mosaic panels for another Silver Lake Art Can Project, in collaboration with the Path Pals (19"W x 26"H, each.)